Wednesday, April 28, 2010

40 Million Dollars!

Oh my gosh!, if I won 40 million dollars I would scream for hours then faint then wake up again and start screaming more! I would first give 1 million dollars to Haiti, and then I would throw out all the old clothes in my wardrobe and buy a WHOLE new wardrobe! Then I would buy myself a car, a house and a pony! The main thing I would like to buy is a ticket to have a face to face talk with Justin Bieber! That would be the completion to my life! Then I would buy 40 plane tickets so all my friends from England could come and visit me! Another thing I would do with 40 million dollars is I would go on a really long cruise so I could get a decent tan and the cruise would be to the Caribbean! One of the most important things I would do is I would use the money to make a movie. I’m still not sure what it would be about, but I know it would be super awesome! The last thing I would do is to kill the Jonas Brothers. I would hire some professional murderer people and give them 2 million dollars if they killed them! They are the worst singers, my ears bleed when I hear them singing! If I had any money left (which I highly doubt) I would buy a plane ticket to Haiti and go and help with all the homeless people on the street. This basically rapes up what I would do with 40 MILLION DOLLARS!

If I could repeat one day in my life?

Well there have been many special days in my life and they have all meant something different to me, but one of the best days for me is when I was first moving to Canada.

I would like to repeat this day mostly because I would love to see what I would have been thinking during this time and what I must have been expecting. This was one of the most exciting days in my life, I had always wanted a big change to happen in my life and when I was on the plane to Canada I felt like that change was happening right now. This day was also a very emotional day for me, mostly because I was leaving my whole life in England behind and being a fresh new page in Canada. When I was at the airport I felt excited, nervous, sad, happy, confused, sick, I was feeling so much at once I was scaring myself.

One of the worst things that happened that day is that I had to say goodbye to all my friends in England for I knew I wouldn’t see them in a long time, but the thought of coming to Canada and making new friends made me think that this trip to Canada wasn’t going to be so bad. My dad was already in Canada at this time so it was also hard for him not to be there to tell me that this was going to be ok, my mum was there and was getting upset as well, jack had no idea what was going on he just thought we were going on a big holiday to some place he had never heard of before.

This was defiantly one of the best days in my life and has had such an impact on my future that I will never forget it.

Super Hero

Being a super hero is the coolest thing ever! Like who honestly wouldn’t want to be a super hero like it would be awesome! If I had the choice to be a super hero I would totally be called “British Girl!” I would be called this because if there was like trouble I would just speak with my very awesome accent and the villain would be def from my loud voice. The other powers I would have is that I would be able to, turn invisible, run like super fast, be like insanely smart so I can’t think of an awesome plan in 1 minute, I would also be able to walk through walls and the last power I would have which I think every kid in the world wants is to fly.

The power that I would use the most would probably be my British talking power. This is defiantly my favourite because no other superhero has this power and it would make me one of a kind. The villains would also never expect it. An example of my using my super awesome British speaking power is if someone was maybe robbing a bank I could scream out a British word like “LOOOOOOOOOOOO” and the villain would drop on the floor in pain, I would also obviously give the other innocent people ear plugs before I do this.

What my superhero would wear is legging with the British flag all over them so people know I mean business, a super cool mask with my name “BRITISHH GIRL!” on the front of them and then a super awesome shirt again saying “BRIITSH GIRL!” on them too.

Well this concludes my awesome super hero, also keep an eye out for British Girl she is around somewere!